Here’s a graphic explaining how the network operates.


Eco Travel Network Ltd (ETN) is a not-for-profit company which owns and insures a fleet of lightweight electric vehicles for self-drive hire. Tourist businesses can become members of the ETN and lease a vehicle (on either a long term or shorter term basis) to rent out to their visiting customers as an alternative to using their cars.

The businesses keep the revenue from the visitor rental. It is difficult for tourist businesses to obtain self-drive hire insurance for an individual vehicle. The ETN overcomes that problem for them. The aims of the ETN are as follows:


  1. To enable visitors and residents of the Brecon Beacons National Park to travel around in lightweight, low energy vehicles which are fun to drive and use so little electricity that they can be powered by local solar, hydro and wind installations which abound in Powys.
  2. To promote low carbon, cheap alternatives to the car for short rural journeys.
  3. To grow an electric vehicle rental and charging network across the National Park based on existing tourist businesses. 
  4. To attract more visitors to the Brecon Beacons as an eco-tourism destination.

Eco Travel Network Ltd has 4 Directors: Ian Foster of Westview Guesthouse , Alison Kidd and Peter Williams of The Prospectory and Gil Chambers of The Green Valleys CIC. They bring an eclectic mix of expertise in electric vehicles, tourism business, design and behavioural psychology. The ETN is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Green Valleys CIC and its start up costs were part funded by a grant from the Brecon Beacons National Park Sustainable Development Fund.