Following recent discussions with Arriva Trains Wales about possible Twizy rental pick up at Abergavenny railway station, we've been exploring better luggage carrying capabilities for the ETN Twizys.

Our Twizzling visitors don't seem to require a lot of carrying capacity when they are out for a day in a Twizy (except for dogs!) but a pair of visitors who might want to arrive by train and pick up a Twizy there to drive to their accommodation would need something. We imagine that the box might be removed then for them to travel around the area during their stay and reloaded when they are on their way back to the station with all their luggage. This kind of carrying capacity might also make possible the odd Twizy tour which takes in an overnight stay somewhere else along the lines of Welsh Road Trips. We don't see the Twizy as an ideal vehicle for longer tours but you never know!

Thierry roof box

You can see here the state of our current experiment with the smallest size Halford roof box and a set of roof bars carefully adapted so that the weight is borne by the Twizy chassis and not the roof panel. We're grateful to BCCP couriers for pioneering this solution. In the ETN case, we're keen that the whole contraption is easily and quickly removeable when it's not needed. We would need to specify the weight which could safely be carried in the box but we imagine (or at least hope!) that w/e visitors to the Brecon Beacons who arrive by train don't typically carry enormous weight.

The next stage of investigation is to find out how much an empty (or full) luggage box affects the Twizy's range. Because of air resistance, there obviously will be an effect but we don't yet know how bad that might be. Watch this space for further updates. Meanwhile, testing would be easier if it would simply stop snowing here!