We are delighted to announce that our Rural Twizy has arrived and we are busily testing it out and taking photographs before it features at this year's Hay Festival where there will be a competition to come up with a suitable name for this latest member of our ETN Twizy fleet. The prize will be a day's hire in a Twizy.

The motivation behind the project was to experiment to see if an 'Urban Twizy' could be ruggedised to better suit rural life here in the Brecon Beacons where we often need to carry luggage (bikes, rucksacks, overnight bags or weekly shopping) and some of the tracks leading to our homes and holiday cottages can be rather bumpy. We love the Twizys and all our 10 are used regularly by our members and their visitors but we feel that an adapted version of this lightweight, low energy vehicle would look and suit rural life slightly better. Who knows, maybe such a design would prove popular in the city too?

The Rural Twizy was modified for us by Red Castle Classics in Caerphilly and they have done a fabulous job. They have added two racks at the rear with upright struts which can carry two bicycles without adding to the width of the vehicle. The racks can also carry overnight bags or plastic rainproof or lockable boxes. The Rural has larger, softer tyres and softer suspension which makes a much more comfortable ride over bumps and on uneven tracks. It's not (and never was designed to be) an offroad vehicle but it looks and feels much more at home on our rural, hilly lanes.

Visit Hay Festival and have a look at the Rural Twizy and let us know what you think. We will be testing it over the coming months both here in Wales and on some UK islands.