Tourist Businesses – how do I join the Eco Travel Network?

In principle, any local tourism business who would like to run a lightweight electric vehicle and rent it to their customers can apply to join the Eco Travel Network (ETN).

Get in touch with us to discuss possibilities. Tel. 01497 842935

We are mainly looking for accomodation providers - hotels, B&B, self-catering cottages, bunkhouses and caravan and camping sites so that visitors can use the vehicles from where they are staying.

The ETN offers two types of membership:-

1. Full members - these members pay a full up-front membership fee and and host a Twizy full-time bearing their own livery.  They rent it out to their visiting guests on a daily or weekly basis  and use it themselves inbetween. The eye-catching nature of the Twizy makes it an ideal promotional tool for businesses.

2. Affiliate members - these members pay an initial joining fee and can then lease an ETN Twizy for a shorter period (a week or month) to rent to their visiting guests.


Please contact us (or call 01497 842935) if you would like to discuss becoming a member of the Network.


In parallel, we are partnering with Welsh Road Trips and Zero Carbon World to sign up tourist businesses to install charge points and welcome any Electric Vehicles to stop by and top up. You can find a map of EV charge points in the area here.  

For visitors renting Twizys, the 13 amp charge points provide an attractive set of mini destinations around the area – e.g. pubs, cafes, activity centres and tourist attractions.


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